Friday, August 1, 2008

My Favorite Things

  1. Weeds. I will probably be shunned for liking this show. The language is offensive, it has "R" rated scenes, and is all about suburban pot dealers. But it is so funny!

  2. Martina's favorite thing this week is feeling Colton kick. I gotta say, that is a tough one to beat. It is so much fun watching her belly move as he rolls around in there.

  3. Jessa's favorite thing is knowing that God is listening to her prayers. She says, her hope and trust in God gets her by and that she is very blessed to know that there are so many people talking to God on her and Michael's behalf. Can I get an "Amen"?

  4. Sylvia mentioned that she likes Pine Sol lemon scented cleaner because "it makes the entire house smell sooo fresh and clean!" Who doesn't like that feeling? I have to admit that I don't use this cleaner, but I am a little partial to the smell because it reminds me of my grandmother's house.

  5. Chocolate Milk. Nestle Quik Powder with skim milk. Don't try to give me any of that fancy chocolate syrup kind!

  6. Sister visiting. Jodie gets here tonight and I cannot tell you how excited I am! My sister is a really cool kid. We are total opposites. She has dark hair, eyes and skin and is very laid back. I'm not even close to being any of those things! I always love having her around and enjoying her sweet spirit. Plus, did I mention that she is on a scholarship at THE Ohio State University? Sorry, I had to get that in there.

  7. Homemade Salsa. I love chips and salsa. Nothing compares to the real deal Mexican-restaurant kind, but I have been trying to master my own at home. Not quite there, but at least its better than the jarred kind.

  8. Alicia Hale Photography. Alicia just started her own photography business. She really has a knack for taking photos that tell a story. Her prices are great too! Check her out if you are looking for someone to capture un-posed and natural moments of you and your family.

  9. Betty's new job. Most of you have probably already read on Betty's blog that she was hired to work at the church. I am so happy for her! But I am also very happy for me! I can't wait to share a wall (our offices will be next to each other) with Betty in just a matter of days. Watch out Homewood Church, here she comes!!!

  10. Aquage Straightening gel. I am not a huge "hair product" person, but this stuff actually does work pretty well. I like to use it when I don't have time to straighten my naturally wavy/frizzy hair. Just a dab, rubbed all over my wet head calms the storm that is my hair.


{Amanda} said...

You might have opened a can of worms...Weeds is definitely funny! MLP has was even an Emmy nom this yr. I started watching it at the end of Season 2...can't stop watching it now!

And Girl, I'm not surprised you like Nesquik...with the way you are with MILK!

Yea for Jodie being in town...gonna have a throw-down =)

P.S. I take-back my remark about you not being able to find 10 new things each's really cool to see other people's favorites and to hear of the blessings in their lives!

Bobby and Sylvia said...

Great list- as always! I love reading your favorites each week.

Oh, and your blog looks FABULOUS! Very cute! Did you design it? If so, how on earth did you change your background. I've tried my hand at it but I'm not nearly as good as you! LOVE it!

{Amanda} said...

just saw your blog redesign...THIS is one of my FAVORITES!!!

beautiful work chickie, you have such a gift for design =)

Bobby and Sylvia said...
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::The Grizzles:: said...

Actually, this is not my own design. I just found it online and used it. It was too adorable not to! I'm actually getting kind of tired of the whole design process and cheated this time around, hehe.

The Kirks said...

Jamie! Thank you so much for my beautiful blog! I love it! I love your blog's new look as well! :)

Bobby and Sylvia said...

I love the website where you found this design! Too cute! I added one to my page- hope you don't mind! You find the cutest things! You're new design business is a sure success! I know you'll be great at it!

Alicia said...

Thanks girl for the shout-out! I will have live in less than 24 hours. Maybe we could collaborate on some Christmas cards or something. Love the new blog design!

Blake said...

When you and Ben can come over let's make some salsa...there's nothing to making good salsa...great salsa, well maybe there's a bit more to that. I also love to make some guacamole when I am making salsa...essentially the same things in each so you might as well, right?

Anonymous said...

awww sister... i had such a great time visiting you. wish we could do that more often. love you!