Saturday, June 14, 2008

Quick Quesdillas

This summer Ben is taking it "easy" by only taking one class. It is nice for him to have a little extra time this summer, but I think I am enjoying it just as much as he is. It is so nice to have him home in the evenings. I only have to eat by myself one night a week now!

On this one night a week, I struggle to come up with something to make for just one person. To help me resist the I'll-just-run-through-a-drive-through urge I have started compiling a list of single serving meals that are easy to make without sacrificing taste value or piling up on senseless calories. My latest concoction is easy as PB&J and and tastier than the dreaded fast food restaurant! Not rocket science by any means, but definitely worth noting:

Black Bean Quesadillas:
Simply slather a tortilla shell with black beans, cheese and green onions. Grill and serve with tomatoes and sour cream. Mm, mm good!


{Amanda} said...

Girl, you should share them all! This is me...everyday =) LOL

Bobby and Sylvia said...

I tried your recipe for dinner tonight. After a long run it was nice to have something quick and easy. My husband, brother, and jogging friends all said it was a hit! Yummo! I agree with Amanda, share them all!