Monday, June 16, 2008

My Favorite Things

  1. Jon & Kate plus 8. I can't even begin to describe how much I love this show. ADORABLE kids with real parents who try their hardest to teach their children to be followers of Jesus.

  2. The Elliptical Machine. Okay, so maybe calling this one of my favorite things is a bit of a stretch. By no means, would I choose this over - well basically anything that has ever appeared on one of these lists. But, as far as exercising goes, this thing rocks! I jump on it and go. It is so smooth, is easy on my knees and helps me burns calories...not nearly as many calories as I feel like I should have burned while sweating up there on that thing, but it burns calories nonetheless.

  3. Green onions, a.k.a. spring onions or scallions. Flavor packed goodness. Sprinkle some on a baked potato, quesadilla, salad, or just mix it up in some cream cheese and you are good to go.

  4. The Sex and the City movie. I will not go into detail, as not to destroy for the few girls left that haven't seen it yet, but let's just say it was totally worth the wait!

  5. Sunday Afternoon Naps...isn't that what Sundays were made for?

  6. Aldi Grocery Store. Prepare yourself for a different kind of shopping experience when you visit this store. You bag your own groceries (with your own bags from home - which is actually very good for the environment when you think about it), there are very few name brand items to choose from, and you have to deposit a quarter to use a cart (you get it back when you return the cart to the corral). But the prices are great! A gallon of milk is only $1.99! That is half as much as Wal-Mart charges. For someone who goes through 2 gallons of milk a week, it is worth bagging my own groceries to save that kind of hard-earned cash. For all you B'ham gals, Aldi's is located across the street from Publix on Greensprings Hwy in Homewood. Click on the link above for more information on this grocery chain. You will need to know what to expect, i.e. they do not accept credit cards or checks. Only cash and debit cards.
  7. Kirkland's new weekend sales. Go to their website to receive weekly emails about their upcoming specials. They are Friday and Saturday only, but you can get some great stuff for super cheap! I got an awesome, big clock for my office for only $12.99!

  8. The Bucket List. It's a new release on DVD starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman about 2 cancer patients who are given a year to live and decide to make a list of things to do before guessed it - kick the bucket. Pretty good flick. Ben was reluctant to watch it, but ended up pleased that he did. I think you will be too.

  9. Fudgesicles. 60 calories a bar, girls. You should get some!

  10. Paisley. Any color, any kind, any where...I love it!


The Penters said...

You finally watched the Bucket List! It was good, wasn't it?

Bobby and Sylvia said...

I love Jon & Kate + 8. It's addictive! I love how Kate is soooo organized! Awesome show!

{Amanda} said...

So I watched Jon & Kate + 8 last night...I could totally get addicted! In fact, I think there's going to be an upcoming Marathon (watch out!).

This is scary...I think I'm catching the Baby Bug- first things first!!!

The Grizzles said...

I totally have the baby bug too! I think this is due in part to Martina, but mainly I blame Jon & Kate! I am looking everywhere for something to counteract the so-called baby-bug...I have found that it is not contagious as my husband has yet to catch it!

{Amanda} said...

You can't joke about the Baby Bug...y'all are at a point (defined: married) to easily make that a reality.

That's almost as scary as your unelaborated road-rage story!

Betty said it'll be within the next couple of years (if not sooner) What's become of my SC gals...sheesh!

Blake said...

J&K + 8 makes me want to have a vasectomy with a rusty old fishing knife...just in case the sterile kind leaves too much of an option of conception and just in case Brook's tubal didn't work. Good gracious! I don't take medication but after about 12 minutes of that show I am ready for a huge pile of Xanax and a case of beer to help me wash it down. How do you watch that crap?
If you want some of that action come over any night and you can try it out.
Glad to know you have a blog...will have to visit more.