Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Favorite Things

  1. Martha Stewart's Cookie's Cookbook. I haven't even bought it yet, nor have I made anything from it...but it doesn't take much for Martha to make the top of my list. Look how yummy the Ginger Chocolate Molasses Cookies on the cover look!

  2. Turquoise Perfume by Ralph Lauren. It is discontinued now and I dread the day when I cannot replenish my supply. It is the perfect mix of clean and exotic - which ain't too easy to accomplish!

  3. Oversize Bulletin Boards. I plan to try to reproduce this in my new office at work (blog on this subject coming soon). I want to put it right behind my desk for all my "important" papers.

  4. Small White plates. For three reasons: a.) they make the food look yummy b.) they help keep your portions small. c.)you can mix and match them for variations in texture and shapes.

  5. Barley Twist Wood. I have always absolutely loved this look. Jessa has a bedroom suit that looks like this and I have to admit I want to break into her house and steal it...just kidding, Jessa (kinda).

  6. Everyday Food. Another great resource for fast, easy to make dinners. You can subscribe to their magazine, check them out online and could used to be able to watch them on PBS, however I haven't been able to find the show for the past few weeks. Thank goodness for the magazine and website!

  7. Dove Energize Soap. Fabulous scent! It also has little beads in the bar to help exfoliate your skin!

  8. Strawberry Twizzlers. So, apparently I have an addictive personality disorder because every week I have a new favorite addiction for my blog. This week's addiction is not new but is just as habit forming as the rest. I LOVE these things! Good thing they are a lo-cal snack. Perfect for the office, the movies or in your car!

  9. Fireflies. Who doesn't get nostalgic when they see little floating sparkles in the summer evening air?

  10. Peonies. If our wedding would have been in the spring, my bouquet would have been full of these beautifully luscious flowers!


{Amanda} said...

Can't wait to see your remodeled office! (hope you did Before pictures too) That bulletin idea is very creative...luv the gilded frame around it.

The Penters said...

I will agree that the new Dove energize soap smells good, but it leaves your sink and shower yellow! I hate that. I bought a huge pack of it last time I was at the store so I'm stuck with it now, but I'm not buying it ever again because I don't like the yellow stuff it leaves behind.

The Grizzles said...

Really? I haven't noticed the yellow scum yet. I hope that doesn't happen cause I really like the smell! Maybe the scum is just all your nasty dead skin coming off from the exfoliating beads? haha, just teasing!

Martha said...

YAY! The top 10 list installment of the week. You never fail to disappoint:)
When Michael and I first got married, I got recipes from my everyday food magazines all the time. I am inspired to bust them out again and see what I can find.
Any favs?