Thursday, December 10, 2009

Supper Club Christmas Party

I was running around taking photos before the party but forgot to actually take some DURING the party! This was our first year with babies and we all had full are hard to capture that way. Mason and Madi were wonderful additions to our group! And we had a blessed we always do!

My grandmother's Christmas dishes. I ended up with a set of 4 and I cherish them so much!

Hot cocoa to go with our delicious desserts that Betty brought, tiramisu and egg custard pie.

My gift to the girls.

They each received a colander filled with cooking gadgets and yummy goodies tied up with a pewter Christmas Tree spreader and a Kate Spade book.

Bethany's gift bag contained a onesie for Madi that had "Supper Club" monogrammed on the front. It was from none other than The Monogrammin' Momma.

Amanda's bag contained a live copy of the Will Hoge concert we attended together last month. I swear you can hear us screaming in the background!

This was our 5th Supper Club Christmas Party and I daresay that it was our best yet due to the newest additions!

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{Amanda} said...

Loooooved it!

Your home was beautifully decorated, the table setting was gorgeous, all my gifts were super-duper-cute, and it was absolutely wonderful to induct Baby Madi!

However, I think this is our 6th SC Christmas Party (we started in '04). Seriously. We're getting OLD!

Best one yet!!!