Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Feeling Like Home

I am loving having a front porch to adorn with seasonal decor. My MIL made me this wreath. I love it!I realized that I have not posted any photos of the Master Bedroom before now.
Hoping to make draperies for the windows on my new sewing machine.

The Living Room is coming along slowly but surely. I finally feel comfortable spending time in this space.
The wall above the couch is screaming for some art. I think Ben and I have found the perfect piece at at Home in Homewood.

Still need a rug in here and I want a leather chair where the banana leaf chair is now.

Dining Room is a work in progress as well.
Again with the rug..also a buffet and maybe some wallpaper too.

Finally got around to hanging up some stuff in the Guest Room.
Guests can actually check their hair before they are forced to face their hosts in the morning.

1 comment:

Emily said...

Hey! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new house!!!! Can you please come decorate our house? It's only a 4 hour plane ride. I'm sure you're booking your flight right now. :)
I will ask around about the fiesta tickets. I'm sad the sonshiners aren't coming! We were looking forward to seeing some familiar faces!
I love to check your blog! Oh, and I'm right there with you on loving fall. I always rush the season. My decorations go up in mid-September even if the weather is 95 degrees.
Take care!