Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Favorite Things

1. Bath & Body Works disinfectant wipes in Cotton Blossom. No more stealing wipes from Chick-fil-a for this girl. I have purchased my own and they smell great!
2. Lowe's. There are so many things for a new home owner to spend money on in that store it is ridiculous!

3. Coarse Microplane. I use it for many things, but my favorite is grating garlic. No more trying to finely chop a tiny littly nub of garlic. Just grate it straight into the dish you are preparing.

4. Diners, Drive-ins & Dives (Triple D) with Guy Fieri. Challenge: Try to watch it without drooling all over yourself.

5. Graph paper. Trying to find the right furniture is hard. Not only do you have to find the perfect fabric and shape but you also have to make sure the scale of the piece is right for your space. Solution: Graph paper. I measured all my rooms, drew them out on graph paper (one foot=2 squares) and then did the same thing for all my furniture options. I cut out the furniture and arranged them in the corresponding graph-paper-rooom. Now, I realize this is not a new concept and I certainly did not invent this strategy. But did I say I did? Nope - just that it is one of My Favorite Things.

6.Monogrammin' Momma. One of my very dearest friends, Martina Penter, has opened her own monogramming business. Her creations are totally adorable and super affordable! You must check out her blog!

7. Blue Bell Groom's Cake Ice Cream. As has been stated many a time on this blog, I do not like sweets. Yet they continue to keep appearing my MFT Lists. I think this is due to the fact that when I find one that I really like, I seem to find it to be a blog worthy discovery. Well Blue Bell ice cream is definitely worthy of another MFT list. In a previous MFT list, I mentioned their banana pudding flavor. This time I would like for all of my loyal fans (maybe I should warn local grocery stores of the onslaught of customers they will receive after this blog is published?) to try the Groom's Cake flavor as well. I could go on and on about the wonder that is Groom's Cake ice cream, but I will let it speak for itself. Now what are you waiting for? Go try some already! Speaking of ice cream...

8. Ice Cream Cones. Growing up, I was a strange kid (pause for the "Amen!"'s) and didn't like ice cream cones. (I also didn't like Kool-Aid and still don't, but we will save that and the drama of a kid who doesn't drink that stuff trying to find something to wash down their cookies at VBS for another time.) ANYWAY....I would always request my ice cream to come in a bowl (or cup if need be). But in my old age I have found the beauty in ice cream cones. 1) You can eat them with one hand. 2) They add a little something extra to the ice cream flavor. 3) No clean up - your ice cream container is edible!9. Waking up to a sunny room. We have a summer home. For the next month, we will be splitting our time between our house and our aparment. Hmmm...that doesn't sound as good as "summering" somewhere. In the meantime, we have our stuff spread between a storage unit in Vestavia, an apartment on 280 and a house in McCalla. Our bedroom curtains are still hanging in said apartment. Our dark-brown-velvet-keep-out-all-the-light-in-the-morning-curtains. So when we stay at the house we are naturally awoken by the sunlight streaming through the windows. I am actually growing to appreciate this. It is a much more natural and gradual way to wake up and seems to add a little extra spring to my step!

10. My neighbors. They are great. Love them. (knock on wood)


The Penter Family said...

I love number 6! Thanks for the plug! Maybe all your faithful readers will order something!

Jessa Mullen said...

I will give you a big AMEN for #2 about Lowes !! They have received so much of my money it is not even funny. But now you do know about the 10% movers coupons don't you ?? If not let me know, they are a MUST !!!
And your comment about the Grooms cake ice cream.. Girl what kind of temptations are you laying in front of me. I am trying so hard to watch what I eat, but that sounds SO GOOD !! Maybe for a splurge, I will try that !!