Friday, February 1, 2008

Worship and Wii's

It's been a busy week. Last weekend Ben and I attended "Stream in the Desert" at Fourth Avenue Church of Christ in Nashville, TN. Stream is now in its thirteenth year. It is a time for people to come together to experience God’s presence, power and goodness. It is a gathering of families, friends, the hungry, the tired, the broken, those searching for a deeper relationship with Him. It is a time for praise and prayer, fasting and listening, rejoicing and celebrating. It is an opportunity to stop the clock, turn off the cell phone, take a deep breath and sit at the feet of Jesus. This was Ben and I's first time to do something like this as a couple. It was great for our relationships with God, but also beneficial to our relationship with each other.

The theme for the weekend was "You are good..." as in GOD is good. Mike Cope was the key note speaker, Ken Young led worship, George Rowe made a special Saturday night worship appearance and Bruce Marchiano (from The Gospel of Matthew) gave his testimony. It was a good weekend full of amazing praise and worship and messages from our God.

While in Nashville we were also able to visit with some good friends who live there. My friend, Cara Peacock, met us for lunch on Saturday and brought her fiance, Tracey. We had a great time laughing and catching up. It was good to meet Tracey. He definitely received my approval and I can't wait for their wedding in May!

Sunday, we met up with Ben's friend, Robin and her husband, Jeremy. We ate at a really good local mexican restaurant, Garcia's. It was not your typical taco-and-burrito-menu. They offered lots of cool dishes, including one of my favorites: shrimp and fish tacos. Yummy! We had a great time laughing and catching up with them as well and look forward to seeing them again soon!

Sunday night we got back to Birmingham and drove straight to our friends Hal & Maghan's house for CORE Group. CORE Group is what we call our small group Bible Studies at our church. They meet in people's homes on Sunday nights to get into the Word, pray together and build relationships. Our CORE Group is amazing. We really are so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful group of young marrieds. They bless our lives every week. This week,after our time of discussion and prayer, everyone joined in on a Wii tournament. Who doesn't like a little Guitar Hero every now and then? Fun stuff!

After lusting after our friends Wii's for months now, Ben found one at Best Buy on Tuesday! He called me so excited and asked if he could get it. Ummm, duh...of course! We've only had time to create our mii's and play some Wii Sports so far, but we are already addicted! This game is so much fun! I love that it is interactive and makes me get up off the couch to play. I am going to be a pro at tennis, golf, bowling, baseball, and boxing before you know it! And hopefully lose a few pounds along the way!

Let us know if you ever want to come over and play! Our living room is open for Wii tournaments any time!

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