Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Asher at 10 Months

Asher is quite his own little person. At this age he continues to charm us and we love our little social butterfly.

He's learned a few new tricks this month. He can now go from laying to sitting. Something that was causing us a grief due to the fact that he would get from a sitting position to his tummy and then cry out when he couldn't get back to sitting up. I spent a lot of time helping him out in that department.

He's not quite crawling but don't be fooled. He is mobile. He can scoot, roll, slither and squirm to wherever he wants to get.He can get to all fours. And will rock back and forth but doesn't go anywhere yet.

And now he is even pulling up. He's pretty sturdy too. He has yet to fall. When he gets tired of standing he lets us know we have to help him back down.

He loves to share. He will offer you a bite of his food and even tries to put his paci in your mouth.

He mimics a lot now too. Here are some of my favorite things he is doing. And I love it because it is all because he sees us do it.

Singing - this cracks me up. I sing to him ALL the time. He LOVES it. Last month we traveled to Nashville to meet up with my family for a mini birthday celebration. It was interesting traveling by myself with a 10 month old. He slept about half way there and then woke up and wasn't happy to find himself locked into his carseat. So in order to appease him, I sang for the next 1.5 hours. I was hoarse and pretty tired of hearing myself sing Old McDonald, There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly and 5 Little Monkeys by the time we arrived at the hotel. But little man had a blast.

Anyway, all that to say - I sing to him all the time. It always works to cheer him up and now he has started singing himself. He does it in the car a lot. Always the entertainer. Even when he has no audience.

Waves Bye Bye - he's still perfecting this one. But it is adorable. A lot of times he will wave with the hand you can't see.

Reading - okay, he's not technically reading but he does try to. I try to read to him as much as I can. Ben and I both love to read and I really want Asher to appreciate the hobby as well. He will entertain himself for a long time by holding a book in front of himself and loudly yelling in jibberish whatever it is he thinks is on the page. It's adorable. He even turns the pages. Funny little man.

He has so much personality. And while he has found his opinionated side he still manages to be an easy baby. We just adore him and watching him develop into a his own little person.

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