Monday, August 1, 2011

Busy Weekend

This weekend...
  • We took family portraits and Asher's 9 month pictures. Still waiting for all the mosquito bites that I got during our shoot to go away.
  • Ate at CPK. I HAVE to figure out their ranch dressing recipe.
  • Swept, vacuumed and steam mopped all the floors in my house.
  • Cleaned two bathrooms and half of the other one.
  • Dusted.
  • Cleaned the kitchen, including the inside and outside of the fridge.
  • Completed FIVE Paper Nest orders.
  • Took care of my sick/teething baby.
  • Got excited when Ben spotted Asher's new tooth. Top right tooth arrived on Sunday.
  • Organized Asher's toys and books.
  • Watched Ben kill a Black Widow spider.
  • Also watched him take up all the rubber mulch and replace it with pine mulch so our friggin' HOA will get off our back. I strongly dislike those guys.
  • Watched The Dilemma (two thumbs down) and The King's Speech (two thumbs up).
  • Roasted summer squash. SO YUMMY!
  • Taught Asher to hold his bottle. FINALLY.
  • Fed him squash and wheat Club crackers. He is starting to eat more and more on his own.
  • Put up Asher's baby stuff (sniff sniff). No more floor gym, bouncy seat, boppy, bumbo, or baby bath tub.
  • Read Deceptively Delicious and Double Delicious by Jessica Seinfield.  I am about to completely change the way this family eats. Excited about learning to cook with better ingredients and eat less processed foods.

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McKinney Madness said...

Do you own either of those cookbooks? If so, I might have to borrow one from you. I'm becoming more food conscious as well, and do NOT want ST to grow up watching her mommy and daddy eat poorly. I'd love to know your ideas!! : )
Love the invitations by the way! You outdid yourself once again!