Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nesting Syndrome

This weekend Ben and I came out of the closet...after...we spent a lot of time cleaning them out!

I guess the nesting syndrome has hit. Ben seems to have caught it as well. Ever since seeing our little boy via the 4D ultrasound, we have kicked it into overdrive to prepare for his arrival. Ben put together 4 bookcases to help with organizing our current closet clutter and things are really starting to look great!

He has also started trimming out the nursery in the perfect blue color!

While I am excited about getting the nursery done there are also a lot of other things on my to do list. Here are the things I would like to get done before Asher makes his debut:
  1. Move former Bama room to ??? (I guess the future...I don't see us having an extra room for this for awhile) - CHECK!
  2. Move Guest Bedroom to former Bama Room - CHECK!
  3. Paint Nursery - CHECK!
  4. Buy Glider & Ottoman- CHECK!
  5. Make/Buy Drapes for Nursery - IN PROGRESS
  6. Make/Buy Artwork for Nursery - CHECK!
  7. Paint Asher's Bathroom
  8. Buy/make art for Asher's Bathroom - CHECK!
  9. Organize Asher's Closet - CHECK!
  10. Order fabric for Drapes in Office - CHECK!
  11. Make drapes for office - IN PROGRESS
  12. Build and organize bookshelves in office - CHECK!
  13. Organize Guest Room closet - CHECK!
  14. Organize sewing/craft stuff and gift wrap supplies - CHECK!
  15. Clean out Master closet (put up summer clothes and pull down winter wardrobe)
  16. Organize closet under the stairs - CHECK!
  17. Build bookshelf and organize DVD's on it - CHECK!
  18. Put up ceiling fan in Living Room - CHECK! THANKS, POPPA!
  19. Clean baseboards - CHECK!
  20. Clean blinds - CHECK!
  21. Clean out pantry - CHECK!
  22. Clean out kitchen cabinets/drawers - CHECK!
  23. Clean out Master Bath Cabinets/drawers - CHECK!
  24. Clean out Asher's Bathroom Cabinets - CHECK!
  25. Clean out linen closet - CHECK!
  26. Clean Laundry Room storage - CHECK!
  27. Clean out garage - CHECK!
  28. Clean out Living Room Table drawers - CHECK!
  29. Wash newborn clothes - CHECK!
  30. Pack for hospital - AS PACKED AS I CAN BE AT THIS POINT.

WHEW! It was exhausting just making that list. Better get started we are at 75 days and counting!

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Rachel said...

I'm tired just looking at your list! Could you send me some of your energy? :)