Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Favorite Things

1. and Baby Gizmo Book. My friend, Maegan Keel, told me about the book and then I was introduced to the website as well. They tell you what to buy for a baby, what not to buy and show video reviews and tutorials on their site. Very helpful to a first time mom.

2. Upcoming movies based on books. The Help, Water for Elephants and Harry Potter 7, Part 1. I loved all of these books and am looking forward to seeing them on the big screen as soon as possible. Guess I will need to start interviewing babysitters for all of these 2011 releases.

3. Capri Blue Candle in Volcano. My new favorite candle.

4. Little Debbie Strawberry Petite Cakes. We were walking past these in the grocery store the other night and I could literally smell them before I could see them. They are sooooo yummy! Small, but just enough to satisfy those cupcake cravings.

5. Apples & Cheese. I thought everyone ate this, but today at lunch Betty commented on my eating habits. I think she thought it was just a crazy pregnancy craving until I had her try it. Now she likes it too!
P.S. I like to add a little salt to my apples too.

6. Second Trimester. I started my third trimester a week ago today. So far, it's not too bad but the second trimester was great. I was over the nausea and felt better than normal!

7. Feeling Baby Kicks and Seeing them too! This is one of my most favorite things of all time. I just love feeling him wiggle around in there. He usually gets going when I am being still so when it happens I try not to move as not to disturb him. Although I have figured out a few tricks to get him going so his daddy can feel him too. It is just too much fun.

8. Chuy's. We tried this in Nashville and LOVED it. We were super excited to see that not only did they open one up in Birmingham, but they gave it a sweet location with a gorgeous view!

9.Country Time Lemonade. It has to be Country Time too. I have tried freshly squeezed, fancy organic brands and everything in between. Nothing does the trick like Country Time. We bought a HUGE canister of it at Sam's about a month ago and we have almost used the whole thing already. This may go down as my one serious pregnancy craving.
10. Flaming June. I love perfumes, lotions, candles, pretty much anything that smells pretty. But when I decided I was ready for a new scent, I had my husband choose this time around. He picked this one and I happen to love it too. Plus it was pretty reasonably priced at Anthropologie.

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Maegan said...

i love lots of things on this list, too. put my name in the pool of interviewees for babysitter.

i know i haven't emailed you those lists yet, i'm a slacker.