Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I've Caught the Bug

Building a house has overtaken my brain. I can't stop thinking about how to decorate every corner of our new home. These are photos I have collected for living room inspirations. I realize this is not very interesting for you, but it sure does help me to get my thoughts together...

Southern Living

Southern Living

Candace Olsen

Southern Living

Rate My Space website.

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn, again

HGTV Dream Home of the past.

This the model home for the Beaumont Community by Signature Homes.

Southern Living

Rate My Space Website

This is actually a townhouse that is for sale in my town. Got this photo from the realty site.
I love the soft colors.

I can't remember where I got this photo from.
I have been collecting these for a long time...sorry!


Jared and Rachel said...

Pretty! What a great collection!! I have a folder full of ideas but making a decision has been actually painful for me! :)

{Amanda} said...

love them all! can't wait to watch how everything comes together; i know it'll be GORGEOUS =)

ps did you see what I wrote Michele re: the nursery on Facebook? (**hint hint**)

Supabloggasuprememama said...

areyou kidding me? I LOVE stuff like this! I think the first one is my FAVE! LOVE that color.

Alicia said...

We have the same taste! Atleast half of those are in my inspiration notebook, too! Even the Beaumont one and the one from forsale-byowner.com, it's like you entered my head! We should go shopping together sometime! Enjoy planning and decorating, it's always fun to move into a new space!

Jessa Mullen said...

Wow you have a lot of ideas to pick from.. I know whatever you do will look great.. I can't wait to see.