Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Favorite Things - Birmingham Restaurant Edition

Birmingham is a great city for a foodie like me. I love all the little restaurants around town that are reasonably priced, have delicious food and great atmosphere. Here are my top 10 favorite places to eat on any given date night:
  1. Bottega's Cafe. Pretty much any Frank Stitt eatery will do the trick for me, but this one is extra special to me as it is the Official Restaurant of Supper Club. Must try: Chicken Scallopine.
  2. Leonardo's. I am generally not a fan of Italian fare, but this place is superb. Good food and a piano bar! Must try: Lobster Ravioli
  3. Surin. Any of their locations will do. Best sushi in town. Pretty good martinis too! Must try: Spicy Coconut Soup & Super Crunch.
  4. Iguanas. Anyone who knows me at all knows that Mexican food is my all time favorite comfort food. It is not hard to please me when it comes to this type of cuisine. But the atmosphere at this place is incredible and the prices are great. Must try: Burrito al carbon.
  5. Chez Fonfon. Another Frank Stitt restaurant. This is where Ben and I had our first date and where he took me the night he proposed a mere 9 months later. Must try: Croque Monsieur & Coconut cake.
  6. O' Carr's. Fantastic little place with a real cafe feel. Best chicken salad in town. Must try: the chicken salad, obviously!
  7. Davenport's. A Birmingham landmark. No better pizza can be found and their salad is just as good. Must try: Pizza and their homemade Italian dressing.
  8. Rojo. A funky little joint on the Southside. Must try: Quesadillas and guacamole.
  9. Taco Casa. If I am honestly trying to represent all sorts of fares and atmospheres fast food must be included. Actually, even if I didn't include fast food I couldn't make a favorite restaurant list with out listing the Casa. Must try: Combination burrito (mild) add jalapenos and sour cream. Also, best ice in town.
  10. Momma Goldberg's. Our friends Maghan & Hal Craig are actually part owner of this place. A great place to go for lunch! Must try: Nachos.
Honorable Mentions:
Jim 'N Nick's. Not a fan of chains, but this one is local so I don't think that counts. Must try: Pimiento Cheese Sandwich.
Jackson's. In Soho. I don't think there is a bad choice on the menu. Must try: Pasta Alredeaux


The Penters said...

so, i guess you liked leonardo's? i knew you would. i still can't believe that was your first time there!

i love taco casa...but you already knew that considering you were the one to introduce me!

{Amanda} said...

great post! this is definitely an excellent idea. and it makes me hungry...again!

i've never heard of iguanas- where is that? oh & don't forget jim 'n nicks cheese biscuits- yummmm =)

also i didn't know maghan & hal are part owners of momma goldberg's! i knew it was an auburn original, but that's a cooler fact =)

Whitney said...

Okay, I have one to add... well, at least it's on my personal list. Diplomat Deli in Vestavia. In my opinion, THEY have the best chicken salad around. MUST TRY: The estate. Ask for pumpernickle bread. It's the best. Also, their pickles are fantastic!

Also, you need to add the cookie dough egg rolls to the Jackson's "Must Try" list!

Shannon and Andrew said...

Loved the post Andrew and I will have to go and try these. Tag your it!! Check out my blog for details