Friday, December 17, 2010

Asher - 2 Months

At two months old, Asher just continues to get sweeter and sweeter. Fatter and fatter too. His cheeks are the cutest, most kissable things and his smiles drives me crazy. He is so much fun and we feel more and more blessed to be his parents with each passing day. 

He weighs 14 lbs and is 25 inches long (by my measurements).He has had to move up to 3-6 month clothing to accommodate his long torso.

He is getting pretty good at supporting himself with his core muscles and is improving on holding his own head up. He converses in his own way by taking turns talking cooing with anyone that will talk to him. You can say something to him and he will coo in reply. He will continue with this exchange for quite some time, smiling all the while. He will return a smile almost immediately.

He is still sleeping through the night and takes 4-5 oz every 3 hours. He has set his own schedule and pretty much insists on keeping it. He still takes his last bottle at 10 and sleeps till around 6:30. Although he has learned to fight sleep and sometimes likes to do that at night. Other times I can lay him down in his pack and play with no problems. He still sleeps in his Moses basket but is about to have be moved out of it and straight into the pack and play because he is getting too long for it. We are trying to transition out of his swaddle. He doesn't mind not having it on, but he startles himself awake a lot more easily without it.

He is most alert in the evenings and loves to hang out with his Daddy when he gets home from work. We have a blast making him smile and watching him react to our silly faces and voices.

His coordination is improving and he seems to have better control of his hands. He keeps a good grip on my shirt when I cradle him, holds onto my hands when I feed him a bottle and will try to grab his paci when it is falling out of his mouth. Speaking of his paci - he definitely has a fondness for it. I'm not sure that he will keep it for long (by his own choice) but for now we take advantage of its soothing affects.

He doesn't much care for tummy time. He tends to just lay down and fall asleep instead of working his neck muscles. But they are getting stronger nonetheless. He likes to lift his head up off of my chest to look around. He is extremely observant and takes in EVERYTHING. We are going to have start watching what we do pretty soon. I have a feeling he is going to be a little sponge and absorb everything he sees and hears.

Asher continues to be the best baby anyone could ask for. We are spoiled by his easy nature and enamored with his precious face. We thank God every night for the opportunity to care for this sweet child and pray that we can be the parents He is calling us to be.


Rachel said...

He is adorable!!

Lanie said...

What a beautiful post! I loved reading all about your sweet little man. :)

McKinney Madness said...

Today is Sarah Taylor's one month birthday! Can you believe our babies are this old, when it feels like just yesterday we were in that miserable first trimester?? I'm so glad things are going well for you, and I really appreciate you coming over the other day and for lunch!!

Reagan said...

So sweet Jamie! He is precious and I am so glad he is a good baby! Sounds like Asher really knows how to pull at your heart...that must be a boy thing!! I know I still find myself just staring at John Ashton thanking God for the amazing Gift!!!