Monday, December 31, 2007

Resolutions and Goals

This year I am feeling extra motivated! In order to hold myself accountable, I am posting my resolutions for the world to see! Don't forget to hold me accountable too!!!

FIRST...Read my Bible. I am ashamed to admit how little time I spend doing this. I am listing this first because I know if I can tackle this, HE will help me tackle the rest!

SECOND...I had planned to start journaling last year but with the hustle and bustle of the wedding I never got around to it. (Which is sad because that would have been a great time to keep track of my thoughts...oh well, live and learn.) Part of my journaling will be done right here on blogger! So now - not only can I keep record of all the many quirks of being a newlywed, but now so can you!

THIRD...Of course I have to resolve to get in shape with every other American this year. I thought about posting a before picture to motivate myself even further, but I will spare you. My first steps are to cut back on Coke and to start excercising. I think these 2 things alone will make a major difference since I currently drink a disgusting amount of soda and NEVER excercise.

FOURTH...I have got to work on my road rage! :) I used to be very patient in the car, but lately I have become a maniac behind the wheel. Must work on this!

LAST...Flossing. I know it is horrible, and my dentist would be outraged, but I just don't do it. This year, I will make an effort. However, please notice where I have placed this resolution on my list...

Good luck to all of you on your goals for 2008! I pray this is your best year yet!

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