Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Playroom Ideas

I want to do a playroom for Asher so badly. One, because I love any excuse to decorate a new room. And secondly, because I am already noticing that his toys are taking over our living room. We have a couple problems though.

1) Ben would have to give up his office in order for us to have a space for it.
2) The office is not only upstairs (read:out of the way and not nearby to whatever I would be doing while he plays) but is also at the very top of the stairs. A really good baby gate would be a must.

Right now, however, I am just having fun finding inspiration for this super fun space. I am the queen of neutrals, so actually decorating with some fun colors would be a change for me.

 My friend from college just did this nursery for her little boy, Thomas. I am in LOVE with the wall of books.

 Love the READ letters and the art.


Haley said...

Those photos are amazing!!! Sounds like an Ikea trip might be in your future! I say me, you, and Amanda take a road trip! We have the red table and the yellow and green stools in that third photo; they are each $8 at Ikea and it's perfect for kiddos! I love all these photos! Great ideas!

McKinney Madness said...

1. I LOVE the wall of books (I have it pinned on pinterest, too!) and I can't believe your college roommate did that to her little boy's room. AWESOME!
2. LOVE the art gallery wall! What a way to build confidence in your little ones and admire their great work!

3 boys 1 princess said...

Love your inspirations for the playroom. Brady and Parker have a playroom. I have their art hung from twine with all the clothes pins hand decorated. It is a bright and fun, artsy- crafty inspired playroom. Our house is very craftsman stlye with crown and hardwood, so we went the Pottery Barn kids dark furniture and green and white rugs. We have a great flat screen and on another wall we have several mis matched pieces of art framed from preschool and art class. It is such a fun room!! Have fun decorating a useable play space :)

The Penter Family said...

the older he gets the more he will need a playroom cause the toys just get bigger and bigger!

i frame colton's art in his playroom (like in several of those pictures you have). i like it because it keeps all that art of my fridge!